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2 min readJun 19, 2021
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The Value of SEO

You have probably heard the term “SEO”. You probably know that it is something your company needs. But, do you know all of the value you will see by optimizing your site for search engines?

When you invest in SEO, you will see a multitude of benefits.

Higher search rankings: Your web pages will appear more frequently and in higher positions on SERPs (search engine results pages)

Increased organic traffic : More visitors will land on your web pages through search engines (so you don’t have to pay for traffic)

Increased brand awareness and authority : Your brand will appear more frequently which increases your visibility and leads to your website being used as a resource by other websites and publishers

Increase in number of leads and sales : As your website appears in front of a larger audience, it becomes a silent salesperson that can collect leads and drive sales from online searchers.

Lasting results: When you improve a site’s SEO, the work often creates long-term improvements and compounding returns that can get better over time.

SEO is a vital tool in building and growing your company’s online presence, but it is not a one-time project that will give your brand a lasting boost.

SEO is a long-term practice that works best over time. SEO strategies that are implemented today should be given at least six months to show results. Once that value kicks in, strategies continue to work.

SEO Ranking Factors

Google uses over 200 factors to rank web pages for SERPs. As part of our services, we will assess and prioritize many of these factors to improve your site. Some of those factors include:

Technical SEO

○ Site Speed

○ Mobile Friendliness

○ Crawl-ability

○ Secure Forms and Data Entry

A detailed video about SEO

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