Data Science: Now as easy as solving Jigsaw Puzzle

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4 min readMay 29, 2021

Written by Sahana L Naik and Edited by Rakesh Raushan

Journey to IBM from Chennai

This huge world full of opportunities gives all its living beings, their chance to explore them. Being one of the most intelligent living beings in this world, we human beings go in search of those opportunities. Likewise, on this page, we can find some of them in finding their interests in the field of data science like you.

What data science really is?

Is that very difficult and hard to achieve in that field?

Will it grow in the coming years or not?

Is it worth choosing it?

This is the best place to get answers to all your questions. To answer all your questions here is our team and here we go

Always at your service.

To help Scholars interested in data science our team conducted a program

“ Get started with data science project” with SAI SHRUTHI SWAMINATHAN, Technical lead and data scientist in IBM, hosted by SOUVIK from Let Us Lead.

Wanna know more about Sai Shruthi Swaminathan? Let’s start

A Girl from a Village interior part of Tamil Nadu to IBM as a technical lead and data scientist. Isn’t that great?

Sai Shruthi Swaminathan, basically, from a village near Pondicherry who moved to a town nearby to get her further education had a very normal childhood. To pursue her undergraduate degree in electronics and instrumentation engineering she moved to Chennai.

She met the turning point of her life when she joined as a software engineer at Tata consultancy services.

There will be some crazy instances in everyone’s life which inspire us to do more Right?. Sai Shruthi Swaminathan not being a programming lover, had some crazy motivational moments to push herself into the job. Are you thinking what that is?

That was when she sat with her programming lead and seeing him typing fast and making that “crazy sound of the keyboard” while coding and this made her feel, I too want to make that sound of that fast coding, that’s where she started practicing coding.

Curiosity kicks out the fear inside us.

Stop out of your comfort zone and you will find a vast wonderful world, full of opportunities ahead.

She pursued her master’s degree at San Jose State University, California USA. She joined IOT based startup, her experience there made her to quote that “Startups are the best place to start”, that’s where you will be able to learn everything from scratch.


Understand how your mind is.

What do you say if anyone would ask what you are interested in? Have you asked the question why for the same? Ask yourself the same questions again once you read this wonderful ideology.

Here’s the inference of Sai Shruthi being in the data science field. She understood that her mind basically found it difficult to understand abstract things apart from being a UG scholar in Electronics and Instrumentation. She loves data science because her mind understands enjoys thinking creatively unobstructed. Interest is all about reasons to enjoy the work. Now again, Why would you choose the field? You thought to know your why and let you let the reason shine in your eyes and reach everyone.

More on data science.

Sai Shruthi Swaminathan’s perception of data science is so creative and simple. She sees data science as scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, which tells her mind to arrange in such a way that it takes a new form and can solve many real-life problems.

Data science is everywhere around us. If we have the curiosity to infer insights we can tell a meaningful story from those. It takes time to get used to the process, concepts, and techniques.

Data science is a field that keeps growing because we keep generating data. What’s the proof?

Here’s your answer for that,

You get your expenditures like electricity bills, water bills, Income Tax, Loans, daily expenses, and much more. If you gather those and put in one place, that’s the data of your house’s expenditure, if you infer a story from the data, you can actually get your expenses cut down to their minimum. This is all about data analytics.

Data science is not only about coding, but it’s all about your creativity and innovative thinking. There are two main aspects in data science, social aspects, and Commercial aspects.

How to become an efficient data scientist?

  1. Curiosity and having an eagle’s eye.
  2. Innovative and creative thinking.
  3. Patience
  4. Good data storyteller
  5. Communicative and open-minded.
  6. Grit, honesty, and confidence.
  7. Accepting, what you are and working to improve.

To push yourself in the field of data science. It is as simple as keeping an eagle’s eye on every activity in our society to find better data to work on and give a better result.

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